Sourced Box Review!


Niomi Smart is one of my favourite youtubers, I love her ‘What I Eat In A Day’ videos and  the amazing recipes she creates! After discovering that she, and her other business partners had produced a monthly subscription box, I became very interested. In the above picture, you can see a selection of healthy snacks; ranging from drinks to kale crisps.  All of the snacks are vegan/plant based with an added bonus of being nutritious at the same time. The Monthly subscription is £18.95 or if you wanted just a one-off box it would be £21.95. You can also order the annual subscription which would be £189.95. Personally, I feel like this is extremely good value for what it is worth. If you’re looking for an easy way of being healthy, this is definitely the right box for you.


Leafy Kale Crisps

Chia Bia Seeds

Urban Fruit – Strawberries

Coconut Merchant Coconut Chips

Holland and Barrett Merry Millet & Fruit Bites

Tea Pigs Super Power Matcha Green Tea Juice

Sweet Virtues Chocolate Truffles

Hangry Food Co – Cranky Cocoa Snack Bar

Green TNT Dynabites

Mango Bear Nibbles

All of these snacks lasted me the whole month. I love to be able to try all of these different snacks. My personal favourite were the Coconut Merchant Coconut Chips, you wouldn’t even think that they were healthy.  Here I will insert the link as to where you can find sourced box, I hope this post has helped you!

Sourced Box


Sophie x

Cacao Orange Bounce Ball Review

This Cacao Orange Bounce Ball appeared in my Holland and Barrett, #HBinstainsiders welcome pack. Personally, I have a very sweet tooth and as soon as I saw the word ‘Cacao’ my eyes were drawn towards this Protein Boost ball. The Boost Ball is a mixture of Cacao Nibs, Sunflower Seeds and high quality Whey Protein. My first impressions of the ball was that I couldn’t initially taste the ‘Orange’ flavour when I took a bite of the ball, however when I continued, I could definitely taste the Orange part. Previously, I have tried the Coconut Macadamia Protein Bliss Ball. The Cacao Orange flavour is my favourite so far! I also believe that the price of these balls are very affordable at £1.99 from Holland and Barrett, perfect for a Pre/Post Workout snack.

I would love to hear your opinions of the Bounce Balls! Thank you for reading.

Sophie x


Holland and Barrett – Insta Insiders

This is a very exciting post to be writing, I feel so lucky to have been contacted by Holland and Barrett after entering a #HBinstainsiders competition on my @happily_healthy_1 Instagram account. I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to be given and because I am so passionate about my health and wellbeing, felt that it would be suited perfectly to suit my lifestyle. Holland and Barrett is my favourite health food store; it offers such a massive variety of foods, snacks, drinks and natural skincare. Recently, I have been loving the nut butters from my local Chelmsford branch, especially the meridian cashew butter.

Yesterday, I received a package from the Social Media Team – Lucy, Ellie and Emma, containing a mixture of amazing goodies to try out! This included skincare, snacks, superfood powders, baking and cooking ingredients, sweet treats and supplements. Many of my favourite healthy food brands were a part of this welcome pack – pip&nut, bounce balls, aduna and chia bia aswell as a couple of other brands which I have never heard of – cocoa libre, and mia flora.

holland and barrett

Out of all the products, the thing that caught my eye almost immediately was the cocoa libre dark mint chocolate owls. When trying out new sweet treats, I love to get a second opinion from my friends and family – ‘a seal of approval’. When my Dad first saw these, he was very intrigued, after trying only one he was hooked. To confirm how delicious these are, the words he used were ‘top banana!’. I cannot wait to try some more of my new snacks, treats and skincare products. I hope you have enjoyed my first review of the Cocoa Libre chocolate’s and look forward to hearing your thoughts as well. Expect several more reviews on all of my welcome pack, I really enjoy writing and expressing my own thoughts.

Thank you to Lucy, Ellie and Emma for giving me this opportunity. It really has opened many windows for me and hope that this will carry on in the future. Enjoy!

Sophie x




Breakfast Recipes

Now, it has become known that Breakfast is the ‘most important meal of the day’. There is no doubt that I absolutely agree with this and for this reason, I love to try to create new recipes for breakfast every single week. Trying to incorporate all my favourite foods has been hard, however I think I have mastered the art! With this blog post I hope to give you all some motivation inspiration to make the start of your day as enjoyable as it can be! Continue reading

My favourite health food brands!

Welcome back to my blog, today I will be sharing my favourite health food brands!

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Ever since I was little, I have been more of a sweet treat person, as you can tell from some of these pictures above! Snacking is so important for me as I feel it gives you the energy to power throughout the day, without getting too tired. After falling in love with all of these products I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you and make it easier for you to get your hands on them!

First in the picture is the:

  • Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter – works so well with all types of fruit, on top of rye bread and even mixed in smoothies or porridge. The coconut gives the flavour such a vibrant and refreshing taste – Holland and Barrett stock this flavour along with several other types of almond butters.
  • Helens Breakfast seed topping – I am a lover of all types of breakfast oats and this mix of flax/linseeds with goji berries gives the perfect crunch to a warming bowl of porridge, I bought this from my local Sainsbury’s Supermarket.
  • Kind Bars – after seeing this in Tesco one day, I was very intrigued to see how this tasted, at first I was a bit sceptical about the flavour however the way I like to consume this is in small chunks as I feel it is a good ‘pick me up’ during the day.
  • Coconut Collaborative Mango ‘Ice-cream’ – the taste of this coconut ‘Ice-cream’ is incredible, the reason why I love it is that it tastes very similar to the regular tub of Ice-cream however is the dairy alternative and is much better for you than the usual.
  • Daisy & Dam – maca, vanilla and cacao nibs blend. In my local health food café one day I was buying my lunch and came across this – the packaging I think is very pretty and what fascinated me was the flavour combination. This is a very rich chocolate, therefore you will only need a little bit at a time – trust me you will love it!

Hope you enjoy and make sure to check out the ‘Baked Banana and Blueberry Oatmeal’ recipe that I posted yesterday. Wishing you all a very happy and successful Thursday x

Baked Berry and Banana Oatmeal

Here we have one of my favourite early morning breakfast recipes, baked oatmeal!

Not only does it taste delicious, the smell and appearance of this particular dish is amazing. After discovering deliciously ella’s youtube channel when researching healthy breakfast recipes, this is one of many I came across. Instantaneously I became fascinated by the look of this and decided that I would try it. The next morning I made sure I had all the correct ingredients and got to work! Due to the fact that I was making this for both me and my mum I took into account the measurements given as well. My mum is one of the best people in trying new foods and all of my new recipes and nine times out of 10 she absolutely adores them. During weekdays we always try to cook a variety of different meals, while at the same time making sure we enjoy the process! Personally, I feel that deliciously ella has been one of my biggest inspirations as I feel she is so down to earth and also her creations are continuously proving to be a success with her audience – including me. Baring in mind that I have been raving about this oatmeal for quite a while now I will make sure that I put the recipe up, with a few changes I decided to make! Hope you enjoy.


1 medium sized cup of rolled oats

1 large banana

1 cup of a mixture of raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries

1/4 cup almond milk/any dairy free milk alternative

1 tablespoon maple syrup/liquid sweetener

1/3 cup dried cranberries/raisins


Before preparing your mixture, preheat your oven to 180 degrees

Gather your oats into a bowl and pour some hot water over them until they are covered

Leave the water to soak in for about 10 minutes

During that 10 minutes, prepare all of your other ingredients as desired e.g. chopped, halved etc.

Once the water has been soaked into the oats, combine all of your ingredients into one big baking dish and at this point, to make it look pretty I decided to place some extra ingredients on the top.

Carefully place the baking dish into the oven for around 25 minutes (depending on your oven) and then enjoy!

I found that this recipe worked really well with the coconut collaborative  natural yoghurt to give it a nice creamy texture, I am a big fan of this yoghurt as I feel it has just the right balance between a coconut and yoghurt taste.

Thank You for reading and I really hope you try this recipe out!

If you do feel free to tag me with a picture on instagram – @happily_healthy_1

Love sophie x

Welcome to my life!

Hello, welcome to my life! My name is Sophie and I am currently 16 years old. In the past 2 years, I have discovered my love for health and wellbeing. I thrive off the thought of making and trying new recipes and that is the reason why I have decided to share this with you. After starting my very own foodie instagram profile, I really enjoyed the thought of beginning my blog. Even though I may not be the ‘most experienced’ in health and wellbeing, I feel that I am very passionate about this subject so I may aswell share my ideas. I hope you all enjoy my future blog posts, the content on my blog will hopefully be a mixture of all things health and wellbeing, including recipes, life updates and tips!

Thank you very much for reading,

Love Sophie x