Holland and Barrett – Insta Insiders

This is a very exciting post to be writing, I feel so lucky to have been contacted by Holland and Barrett after entering a #HBinstainsiders competition on my @happily_healthy_1 Instagram account. I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to be given and because I am so passionate about my health and wellbeing, felt that it would be suited perfectly to suit my lifestyle. Holland and Barrett is my favourite health food store; it offers such a massive variety of foods, snacks, drinks and natural skincare. Recently, I have been loving the nut butters from my local Chelmsford branch, especially the meridian cashew butter.

Yesterday, I received a package from the Social Media Team – Lucy, Ellie and Emma, containing a mixture of amazing goodies to try out! This included skincare, snacks, superfood powders, baking and cooking ingredients, sweet treats and supplements. Many of my favourite healthy food brands were a part of this welcome pack – pip&nut, bounce balls, aduna and chia bia aswell as a couple of other brands which I have never heard of – cocoa libre, and mia flora.

holland and barrett

Out of all the products, the thing that caught my eye almost immediately was the cocoa libre dark mint chocolate owls. When trying out new sweet treats, I love to get a second opinion from my friends and family – ‘a seal of approval’. When my Dad first saw these, he was very intrigued, after trying only one he was hooked. To confirm how delicious these are, the words he used were ‘top banana!’. I cannot wait to try some more of my new snacks, treats and skincare products. I hope you have enjoyed my first review of the Cocoa Libre chocolate’s and look forward to hearing your thoughts as well. Expect several more reviews on all of my welcome pack, I really enjoy writing and expressing my own thoughts.

Thank you to Lucy, Ellie and Emma for giving me this opportunity. It really has opened many windows for me and hope that this will carry on in the future. Enjoy!

Sophie x




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