Baked Berry and Banana Oatmeal

Here we have one of my favourite early morning breakfast recipes, baked oatmeal!

Not only does it taste delicious, the smell and appearance of this particular dish is amazing. After discovering deliciously ella’s youtube channel when researching healthy breakfast recipes, this is one of many I came across. Instantaneously I became fascinated by the look of this and decided that I would try it. The next morning I made sure I had all the correct ingredients and got to work! Due to the fact that I was making this for both me and my mum I took into account the measurements given as well. My mum is one of the best people in trying new foods and all of my new recipes and nine times out of 10 she absolutely adores them. During weekdays we always try to cook a variety of different meals, while at the same time making sure we enjoy the process! Personally, I feel that deliciously ella has been one of my biggest inspirations as I feel she is so down to earth and also her creations are continuously proving to be a success with her audience – including me. Baring in mind that I have been raving about this oatmeal for quite a while now I will make sure that I put the recipe up, with a few changes I decided to make! Hope you enjoy.


1 medium sized cup of rolled oats

1 large banana

1 cup of a mixture of raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries

1/4 cup almond milk/any dairy free milk alternative

1 tablespoon maple syrup/liquid sweetener

1/3 cup dried cranberries/raisins


Before preparing your mixture, preheat your oven to 180 degrees

Gather your oats into a bowl and pour some hot water over them until they are covered

Leave the water to soak in for about 10 minutes

During that 10 minutes, prepare all of your other ingredients as desired e.g. chopped, halved etc.

Once the water has been soaked into the oats, combine all of your ingredients into one big baking dish and at this point, to make it look pretty I decided to place some extra ingredients on the top.

Carefully place the baking dish into the oven for around 25 minutes (depending on your oven) and then enjoy!

I found that this recipe worked really well with the coconut collaborative  natural yoghurt to give it a nice creamy texture, I am a big fan of this yoghurt as I feel it has just the right balance between a coconut and yoghurt taste.

Thank You for reading and I really hope you try this recipe out!

If you do feel free to tag me with a picture on instagram – @happily_healthy_1

Love sophie x

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